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The Tour des Mamelles
the future emblem of Dakar

The first of its generation, the Tour des Mamelles is an iconic landmark in an emerging Senegal as well as a showcase in the region for its occupants.

A future symbol of Dakar, the Tour des Mamelles is a highly flexible smart complex that offers a quality of service unparalleled on the continent while meeting the highest international requirements in terms of real estate and security.


The key to oil-producing Senegal
the city of Dakar

With one of the best growth rates in West Africa, Senegal is an economic driver for the continent. Its capital alone accounts for 80% of the country’s activity.
A vitality that supports the country’s oil and gas potential which has scaled up over recent years.

So many opportunities for companies in the sector, which also benefit from the profile and connectivity of the city and the entire region, especially thanks to the future deep sea harbour. A booming industry, already supported by local companies that participate in developing the energy sector and that make Dakar a strategic business location.

Phare des Mamelles
More than 8% growth in 2023, according to IMF forecasts

An exclusive expatriates’ district
les Almadies

In the upscale, ultra-secure Les Almadies district, just a stone’s throw from the iconic Mamelles lighthouse, people using La Tour will be able to take advantage of the high-living Dakar style, surrounded by landmark monuments, business centres and heavenly beaches.